Dragon Pool

Dragon Pool

The Oldest Polish Cardano Stake Pool

Fee: 0%
Cost: 340 ADA
Pledge: 300k ADA

Dragon Pool

Ticker: DRAG

ID: b71410e0d4123b029ee91fd5132fb63f14e946f0246e8f9ae8298350

Dragon of Wawel Hill legend

Once upon of time, in Cracow during the reign of King Krakus, Dragon of Wawel Hill terrorized the inhabitants of the Wawel castle. Beast required weekly offerings of cattle, if not, humans would have been devoured instead, especially virgins …

Times are changing, and in the 21st century, the slow body and blunt fangs forced the beast to change tactics. The dragon explored the meanders of economics, IT and cryptocurrencies …

Now, instead of sacrifices, the dragon offers profits for those who have placed their ADA into his vault. These funds take part in the great dragon lottery. If the Wawel Dragon is a winner, he would forge the block and he rewards his shareholders… taking a modest fraction of the amount to maintain his dragon den…

Why you should choose Dragon


The mages in the service of the dragon are experienced professionals, they co-create Cardano. Thanks to this, they best care for the high level of dragon cavity spells and the good health of the stake pool.



Dragon Sentinels ensure stake pool availability 24/7. In line with the idea of decentralization, the dragon is located from Cracow on a physical machine



Thanks to the friendship with the good spirits of the surrounding woods, the dragon has given up its selfish tendencies and gets only 3% of the reward for block production. He spent it for the maintenance of his entourage and the purchase of gunpowder for torches


To assure his sincere intentions, the Dragon allocates a significant portion of his accumulated treasures as a deposit towards future rewards for his delegates:

300K ADA