Gothic 2: Gold Edition

The city of Khorinis faces many problems. The hordes of orcs besiege the old fort in mining valey, the knights and paladins defending it will probably soon fall without reinforcements. All criminals are set free, they start to kill and plunder. Desperate farmers hire mercenaires as the city can’t provide proper protection. But worst of all people start to disappear and the dragons are back. After defeating anciet demon called Sleeper and destroying barier holding all the prisoners, Nameless hero gets trapped in a temple under piles of rubble. Fortunatelly he gets rescued by Xardas who sets him on a new quest to retrive a powerfull artifact needed to defeat the dragons and resolve other problems. He lost all his strength, all abilities and despite the exhaustion he needs to warn paladins about incoming threat.


Gothic 2: Gold Edition is a fine fantasy crpg with an open world set directly after the events from gothic. The game lets you join a guild and choose one of three different classes: paladin, dragon hunter or a mage. Here you can use many various weapons including: swords, axes, bows, crossbows and powerful spells while wearing armours suitable for a hero. During your journey you will encounter deadly beasts creatures such as: orcs, wargs, demons and skeleton mages. This version contains the dlc called night of the raven in which you can access new area called Jarkendar, an ancient place with long forgotten civilization, vanished from unknown reasons. Raven, monarch back in the prison inside barrier is now leading a group of bandits and gets access to powerful sword and is performing some dark rituals inside temples.

Personally what I like about the game the most is music, atmosphere and the process of improving Nameless hero’s abilities. At start of the game you will have big problems with killing hungry wolf but as you progress further in game fighting 3 orcs warriors at once is pretty easy. Additionally the city of Khorinis is large and complex for its time, I spent couple of hours just in the city trying complete all the missions there. Overall I can recommend Gothic 2: Gold Edition to all crpg fans and despite the fact that the game is pretty old you won’t be disappointed. 



Great story and a fine atmosphere of a dark fantasy rpg

Complex and well done open world

Good system of leveling main character

Various weapons with different styles of fighting


– Graphics got a little old

– System of fighting is a bit rusty

– Game is very hard at the beginning

– Couple of bugs that don’t affect the game much though


PEGI: 12+,violence

Genre: Action, rpg

Developer: Piranha Bytes

Release date: 29 November 2005

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