King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame

King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame is combination of a role playing and real time strategy placed in Britain based on arthurian legends. The story begins when Arthur becomes a king of a small kingdom by pulling out magical sword from a stone as prophecy foretold. Now as the true king of Britain along with his loyal brother sir Kay he must gather the best knights of whole island to fill the round table and unite the country.


Here you can build armies and command them during battles with the help of powerful curses and offensive spells. There are many units you can recruit, from light cavarly, archers to heavy infantry and crosbowmen or even magical creatures. Additionaly as soon as you capture one of the strongholds you will be able to construct buildings and develop new technologies that will help your kingdom to prosper. After battles heroes can start various adventures placed on a campaign map which require different skills and abilities from your knights. All of them differ, they are nonlinear and they even sometimes have several endings and bonuses.

The best aspects of this game in my opinion are beautiful music and mysterious atmosphere but it has a lot of advantages like picturesque graphics or amount of different units. I also really enjoyed going on adventures and listening to a narrator. The only problem I have with this game is the mechanics of battle, I think there is only one animation of attack for each unit so that’s not much. Overall if you are a fan of a fantasy games and total war series and you got bored with warhammer total war this is the game for you.



Beautiful calming soundtrack and great atmosphere of arthurian legends 

Well done side and main quests with narrator who captures the danger of an andventure

Multiple units, each one with different look and abilities

Gorgeous and colorful landscapes of Britain


Repetitive animations of fighting

– It gets really hard at the end of the story

– Campaign map is small and contains little amount of provinces

– The real game starts when you capture your first stronghold


PEGI: 12+, violence

Genre: strategy, rpg

Developer: Neocoregames

Release date: 24 November 2009

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