Dragon Age: Origins

Nobody knows what exactly darkspawn are, there are legends that first of them were mages from Tevinter who wanted to become gods and were punished. With darkspawns came the plague that affected all kinds of creatures in Ferelden.  This disease made the horde of monsters stronger and stronger until it became invincible. In order to banish them the gray wardens were created, an order of warriors and mages who performed a special ritual which made them able to defeat the horde. All creatures from Ferelden united, dwarfs, elfs and humans fought together and defeated darkspawn. But that wasn’t the end of the plague but just the start. A new horde has come to destroy the living world and the order has been betrayed. You take role of a new gray warden who must take his revenge and restore the order of gray wardens.


Dragon Age: Origins is a classic dark  rpg with 3 classes and four specializations for each class. Like in other rpgs in Dragon Age: Origins you can choose one of deadly weapons including: hammers, axes, swords, daggers and mage’s staffs, each one with different level and statistics. There are also many kind of traps and poisons you can use to make your game easier. Most of the quests can be completed in many various ways, sometimes who will be your future ally depends on which ending of the quest you get. Fights here are very hard, especially on higher levels so you must choose a proper tactic and efficiently use all of your companions abilities. Your companions have attitude towards your lidership, some may adore you and other can even betray you. In order to keep them satisfied you can help them get what they want or give them presents.


Dragon Age: Origins is one of my favourite rpgs, its really complex and tactical and it makes you use different way of approach to each battle. The game is very dark and bloody, you face dragons, fanatics, demons and darkspawn on every corner. There are so many combinations of classes and specialities that even after I started the game for the 5th time I made a new character with different skills. Plus the story and charatcers are very interesting and the music fits perfectly here. The thing I really don’t like about this game is that the main character speaks during battles but not in dialogs. That makes space for more different sentences but I couldn’t really empathize with him. To sum everything up every fan of old rpgs like Baldurs Gate or Icewind Dale should be satisfied with this game.



Nonlinear quests with different outcomes

Many dissimilar ways of building a character

Dark and brutal world with interesting story

Well written characters with complicated nature


– The main hero doesn’t speak during dialogs

– Facial expressions could be done better

– The dark atmosphere won’t please everyone

– Few minor bugs


PEGI: 18+,violence

Genre: Rpg

Developer: Bioware

Release date: 6 November 2009

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