Dark souls 3

Dark souls 3 is an action rpg and takes place in a land called Lothric. Everything depends on blaze of the first flame which must keep burning, otherwise all will be lost. You play as the Unkindled, an Undead warrior who must defeat the five Lords of Cinder and bring them to their thrones. But in order to do this he must travel many deserted land, once part of a powerful kingdom. Due to this action he will be able to link the flame once again and let the cycle continue. 


The point of the game is to clear area, defeat the boss guarding it at the end of it and then move to the next one. To help you with that large selection of melee and range weapons have been created. Not only you can equip ultragreat swords and axes but also long spears and halberds. There is also exotic gear like sabres, whips, daggers or curved swords. But for those who want to choose the path of magic there are traditional sorcery, flame spells or even miracles. Locations here are very difficult to go through, there are traps and ambushes everywhere so patience is needed. Every mistake might cost life and sometimes it takes a lot of approaches to defeat a boss.


This game has one of the best atmospheres and soundtracks off all games I have played. What I like about this game the most is that on every corner player can notice destroyed structures that once were great. During adventure Unkindled one meets a few characters who either keep trying to link the flame or have given up. That gives a very depressing and tragic picture, all fans of dark fantasy will like that atmosphere. Unfortunatelly the game’s pretty hard so it will take few hours to learn how to play this game but it will be worth it.



Dark and depressing atmosphere

Wonderful, dramatic soundtrack

Well done combat system that requires a lot of movement

Detailed locations with numerous paths and secrets


– Very challenging game, especially bosses fights

– Every mistake may cost life

– Other players may invade your world and kill you

– Coulple of gliches and bugs


PEGI: 16+,violence

Genre: Action

Developer: FromSoftware, Inc.

Release date: 11 April 2016

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