The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

After retrieving his memory and dealing with the assasin of the kings Geralt of Rivia starts looking for his foster daughter Ciri. Along with his old master Vesemir he travels through the continent while they earn money by killing monsters. In order to find Ciri Geralt must check three leads, one in swampy Velen, others in large city of Novigrad and frosty Skellige. While doing that he will be facing some of the problems that are effects of the war between kingdom of Redania and empire of Nilfgard. But there are also his old and trusted friends who will aid him in completing his quest.


Geralt can develop in three different ways of fighting: sword fighting, alchemy and signs, each one giving special skills and bonuses. The map of the game is huge and there are various types of quests: main and side quests, witcher contracts and treasure hunt quests.  You can also encounter question marks which hide treasures, bandit camps or monster nests. There are couple of witcher sets of armours and swords which you can find on map and then create at one of the smiths.  Each one of the sets have unique looks and features so you should use proper playstyle for everyone of them. Riding on Geralt’s horse, Roach is pretty important part of the game, as it allows player to swiftly travel through land.

I can say without hesitation that Witcher 3 wild hunt is the best game I have ever played. It owns one of the best soundtracks and magnificent and realistic graphics.  I spent a lot of time just wandering around, listening to climatic songs and admiring landscapes. Plus the animations of Geralts moves during fights are really well done, you can see how smooth his slices and pirouettes are. I say it’s a must play for all fans of open world rpgs.



Very relaxing songs during free roam and lively music during combats

Realistic, breathtaking graphics and huge locations with a lot of details

Interesing story and suprising main plots

A good deal of armours, swords and abilities


– Quests gets repetitive at the end of the game

– Too many question marks that are the same

– Game is a little too easy 

– Crossbow is useless


PEGI: 18+, violence, bad language

Genre: Rpg

Developer: CD Project Red

Release date: 18 may 2015

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