Cardano Price analysis 29/09/2020

Spoglądając na notowania Cardano zauważymy że wskutek trwających od drugiej połowy września niezwykle dynamicznych wzrostów, cena ADA “odbiła” się od poziomu oporu $0.65. Tym samym według teori fal Elliota, możemy się spodziewać drugiej fali wzrostów ktróra powinna przebić poziom $0.13

In the current situation, the price of $ 0.13 will be an important level that Cardano’s price should test before the end of 2020. If it manages to overcome it, another significant resistance, is at $ 0.32.

However, taking into account the existence of the principle of polarity reversal, which says that each significant level, which so far has been tested from the bottom (as a resistance), should be tested from the top (as a support) after breaking, it cannot be ruled out that the market will deepen a downward correction in the near future. If that happened, the ADA price could drop to $ 0.07. However, these declines would not mean a change in the market attitude, which is still pro-growth.


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