A Wizard of Earthsea

The Wizard of the Archipelago, the beginning of the Earthsea cycle tells the story of a young Ged destined to become one of the most powerful wizards. Duny, the youngest son of a blacksmith was born and spent part of his childhood on the island of Gont, where many great sorcerers were born. After losing his mother, his aunt-witch took care of him and managed to sense his magical abilities and teach him to control his gift.

Reaper man

The main character of the book Death, an anthropoformic personification was fired out of his job and chooses the life of a mower under the name of Bill Gates on the farm of an elderly lady. The auditors who made this decision have not yet chosen a replacement for Death so no one comes to collect the souls of the dead in Ankh-morpork which results in too much life force in the city. Not only the objects become alive but also the dead people, including a 130-year-old mage from the Invisible University, Windle Poons. Now he and his colleagues with the Archchancellor as their leader is trying to figure out why he is not dead.