A Wizard of Earthsea

The Wizard of the Archipelago, the beginning of the Earthsea cycle tells the story of a young Ged destined to become one of the most powerful wizards. Duny, the youngest son of a blacksmith was born and spent part of his childhood on the island of Gont, where many great sorcerers were born. After losing his mother, his aunt-witch took care of him and managed to sense his magical abilities and teach him to control his gift.

Reaper man

The main character of the book Death, an anthropoformic personification was fired out of his job and chooses the life of a mower under the name of Bill Gates on the farm of an elderly lady. The auditors who made this decision have not yet chosen a replacement for Death so no one comes to collect the souls of the dead in Ankh-morpork which results in too much life force in the city. Not only the objects become alive but also the dead people, including a 130-year-old mage from the Invisible University, Windle Poons. Now he and his colleagues with the Archchancellor as their leader is trying to figure out why he is not dead.

Blood of elves

The Blood of the Elves written by Andrzej Sapkowski is the first of five volumes of the saga of the monster slayer Geralt of Rivia, which takes place after two sets of stories that provide an introduction to the main story. After the conquest of Cintra by the great army of Nilfgaard, Ciri, the granddaughter of Calanthe and the Child of Surprise, miraculously escaped death and ended up in one of the peasant families, where according to a prediction, Geralt found her. Now as the girl’s guardian, he takes her to the witcher’s habitat Kaer Morhen, where together with the help of the rest of the witchers he will take care of her and train her to defend herself.

Heroes die

Heroes die is a fantastic combination of science fiction and fantasy written by Matthew Woodring Stover, an American novelist who is known best for his Star Wars novels. This book is the first one of the series called The Acts of Caine which tell the story about The Blade of Tyshalle, the best and most successful assasin the world has known. In this future world powerful corporations rule the earth and society follows strict caste system and most of the entertainment comes from the actors who are teleported to the other universe.


Archdemon is one of the Old Gods manifested in a form of powerful dragon, tainted by darkspawn. It is far more intelligent than an average dragon and it is purely evil creature. Under the surface darkspawn search for the sleeping Old Gods and when they find on of ancient dragons, it is immediately afficted by the taint.


Smaug was considered to be the last fire dragon to exist in Middle-earth in the Third Age. He came from the mountains in the north fascinated by the riches of dwarves which included gold, gemstones and famed Arkenstone.


Paarthurnax is a powerful dragon which appears in a game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as the leader of the Greybeards, an ancient and honored order. He’s an ancient and immortal dragon and there are a lot of signs of won battles on his body like tattered skin or broken horns.